Although my wall-sculptures have a body, they can make you think of a drawing.

The French painter Henry Matisse described drawing as "making an expressive gesture with the advantage of performance".

I would like to twist this quote with regard to my figurative work by saying:

    With their `missing´ parts and their ridged outlines
    the figures give space the advantage of a visual performance
    and in doing so the sculptures find their individual expression.

Like meaningful symbols, the indentations and bulges, the pointy fringes and void spaces visualize something which can adopt various appearances in our imagination, with each version having its own individual truth.

While looking at the figurative structure the viewer reads the language of lines, forms and the `in-between spaces´to come to terms with their combined expression and associates the details of his/her viewing with something that is familiar, even if it may appear bewildering in its artistic expression.